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Regain your health and live your full potential

Psychotherapy is an essesntial part of our healing work. Many if not all illnesses have an emotional root that is often overlooked. This emotional root needs to be healed if we want to heal deeply and live life to our highest potential.

We used Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy to help you dive deep into your emotional unconscious patterns. We believe a cognitive behaviouralist approach, although useful, many times is not enough to release all the emotional baggage that we carry deep inside from childhood or even transgenerational patterns that block us from being ourselves. These blockages can in some instances manifest in physical illnesses. The integration of our archaic wounds can only be done with love, acceptance and respect for ourselves. We support you with the utmost care in this process.  

A humanistic approach is an integration of several approaches including:

  • Gestalt

  • Transactional Analysis

  • Somatic therapies 

  • Person-centered therapy

  • The theory of therapeutic grief

We highly recommend starting your healing journey with Ayurveda as this will greatly support any psychotherapy process we later want to embark on. 


Psychotherapy sessions (60min) £100 / €120


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