When will I notice some improvement? 


It depends on each patient but most of our patients notice some improvement during the first 2-3 weeks of treatment. 


How long will my treatment last?

There is no simple answer to this question but generally it depends on how your body reacts to the treatment. Some type of body constitutions can recover quite quickly while others need more time. Also, it depends on the type of disorder, the number of disorders you currently have and the years you have suffered from a diagnosed disease. Generally a full treatment lasts a few months.  

Will I have to change my diet to using Indian herbs and eating Indian food? 

Not really, unless you love eating only Indian food. Even though Ayurveda was born in the Indian subcontinent, its principles are universal and they apply to all types of cuisines and foods. 

Will I have to make drastic changes to my diet? 

Most of our patients need to make some changes to their diet but it also depends what your current diet is now. However, if any big changes are needed, we will slowly support you get there with the help of the Ayurveda medicines/herbs and a diet plan adapted to your specific needs. 

What is the difference between Ayurveda and other alternative healing systems?  

The goal of our treatment is not just to improve your health but also that you learn about your own body constitution "dosha" and how to keep yourself in balance and healthy. It is an educational process of self-discovery of your own body and an empowering process. From our experience, many other forms of alternative healing systems lack this educational component and even though a patient may recover with the use of natural remedies, they haven't learned yet how to keep themselves in balance. 

Why are you offering Astrology consultations? How does Ayurveda relate to Astrology? 


Astrology is as ancient as Ayurveda. During the Vedic period, Ayurvedic doctors were also Astrologers and they used this knowledge to better treat their patients. As a patient, Astrology can be used as a tool to help you learn more about yourself and to get clarity on how to maintain or recover your health. We are fortunate to be one of the very few Ayurvedic therapists in the West that are able to combine both. 

Will you tell me scary things during the astrology consultation? 


Astrology is not meant to be scary. It is meant to open your eyes and bring clarity to the various aspects of our life. Your astrological birth chart is like the manual of your life. As per our birth chart, we all have been given certain gifts as well as challenges to face. Yet nothing is written in stone and if you can read your manual everything becomes easier and you can then navigate through any difficulties with clarity of mind and confidence. You become more in control of your life.