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"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom" Socrates

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How can astrology help in your healing? 

Humanistic Psychological Astrology is an amazing tool to discover who you are, your strengths and your path in this life.  It helps you understand why your life has been what it has been and what lessons you have come to learn.

In astrology as well as in Ayurveda, there is no separation between mind and body. Hence, most illnesses or imbalances are very rarely only physical. Emotions may also get imbalanced and manifest as anger, frustration, sadness, guilt, etc.  Astrology can help us at this level.


An astrology consultation can provide great insight into the nature of our body, mind and soul and how to take best care of who we really are at every level. From our perspective, a disease is the way our body, mind and soul respond when we are not aligned to our true nature. The more we know who we are, the more we will be able to align ourselves to our true potential and hence avoid any disease. Astrology is one of the best therapeutic psychological tools to go deeper into this journey. 


During our astrology consultations, we provide clarity of your conscious and unconscious patterns and give you specific practical advice to balance any area of our life that is triggering physical or emotional distress. The aim is to help you know your self and your psyche so that you can make wiser choices in your lives. 

Astrology as a crisis-management tool

The ultimate goal of astrology is not just to heal but to live the most fulfilling life possible - what is called "self-realisation". Astrology, provides us with tools to understand the deep messages that life sends us via all sorts of difficult situations  (illness, divorce, death of close relative, accidents, lost of job, etc). The goal is to make sense of these situations and navigate through them so that we turn a difficult situation into a positive transformational opportunity.

Psychological Astrology consultations

Complete Full Natal


£125 / €135

This consultation is for those that want to know who they truly are and connect with their essence. Astrology can provide many insights into what type of person we are deep inside. During the consultation all the planets, significant points and houses will be discussed. Also, many practical recommendations will be given to help the person align their life with who they really are. During this consultation we will discuss career, daily work, relationships, family, parents, children, hobbies, life mission, health etc. It is also possible to focus on a particular area of concern during the consultation. We will also cover current state of affairs using many astrological techniques such as transits, profections, firdaria, solar return and progressions.

Focused Consultation


£85 / €90

This consultation is for someone that needs clarity on one or a couple of specifics topics in their life such as work, relationships, health, family, children, life mission or life purpose etc. The objective is to provide a higher understanding in that area of life so that it’s easier for the person to align themselves to their true purpose and make decisions that are in line with their inner self. The idea is that with a higher perspective it is easier to take the adequate decisions for ones life. 



£85 / €90

This consultation is for someone who already had a prior reading with us. The objective is to provide clarity on what are the big themes at the moment in the person’s life. We will look into what are the planets asking from the person in order to align to their soul purpose and follow their own real true path. Often these consultations are done around birthdays as a new year is starting and around times of important decisions (change of jobs / partners /country etc) or life crisis.

Prior to consultation: Please email us your date and location of birth as well as the most precise time possible of your birth. This needs to be sent one week in advance for preparation.

All consultations Include a copy of your birth chart and a recording of the consultation for future reference


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