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What is Saturn’s and Pluto’s message for us during this difficult time?

Basically what we are living is a clash between the principles of power and transformation (Pluto) and the principles of limitation and control (Saturn) – which often leads to large changes in society as well as economic shocks. Pluto can bring positive transformation but also suffering and even death. Saturn’s energy is limiting and restrains us so that we are forced to face challenges and fears that can no longer be avoided. The combination of both is very intense, yet the more we accept the coming changes the easier this process will be. 

A challenging year awaits us

Pluto’s energy combined with Saturn’s on 12 Jan 2020 to start a cycle that will last 31-37 years. During this combination, that can be felt during12 months either side of it, structures of societies can be shaken, challenged and renewed – and those times are never easy! Economic crisis are often part of the mix. Events will happen that will force change through - the impact of Coronavirus is only starting to be felt. This crisis will have many repercussions on all spheres of society as a new cycle must begin.

Pluto and Saturn will spend most of the year in the sign of Capricorn while Jupiter and Mars are also currently in this sign. 2020 is thus the year of the “Capricorn Stellium” and Capricorn energy will prevail in the world during this time. Capricorn is an earth sign that rules all structures including governments, large companies, organisations and also the elderly (so all these will be in focus!). Capricorn is serious, dutiful, hardworking, diligent and methodological. Capricorn is about responsibility and hence it is asking us to get real and be responsible not just for ourselves but for the whole world. This energy may feel very difficult if we have not taken our responsibilities seriously in life and aligned with our true purpose in this world. 

Saturn is exalted in Capricorn which strengthens its energy. At a collective level, this will manifest as pressure and frustration with regards to governments and people in power. Pluto intensifies those feelings in what can then become an explosive situation! Governments will be asked to be responsible, honest and wise in their decisions. Saturn is the planet of wisdom so more than ever we should make wise and conscious decisions. We are seeing, as the Coronavirus crisis develops, how frustration is increasing at how the crisis has been handled. Pluto also rules deep investigations and hence enquiries are likely to be set up to clarify responsibilities and make changes where needed. 

What choices do we have?

Astrology teaches us that all energies can be expressed in a conscious and positive way and also in an unconscious negative way. A Saturn-Pluto combination in its best expression can bring about brutal honesty, integrity and humility in an effort to make the (often painful) changes that are necessary and inevitable for the long-term good.  At the same time, the same combination can be expressed via bribery extortion, dishonesty and ruination of others in the pursuit of money, power or revenge. It’s up to us on an individual and collective level how we choose to react. This decision will make all the difference between coming out from this crisis wiser, healthier and renewed or resentful, in pain and emotionally affected. 

Thus during this time of transformation of society and governments and while we are confined to our homes (Saturn’s influence), the universe is asking us to reflect on what in our society needs to be transformed (Pluto’s influence). Pluto is a collective planet and its influence is always about awakening our consciousness to do something for the positive evolution of all of us.

Some advice for the next weeks to tune to Saturn’s and Pluto’s energy:

-       Use this time of restriction for self reflection and meditation

- Embrace the change, adapt and learn new ways

-       Think about how you can support the transformation process that will happen. The more we support the change the easier it will be - It will happen anyway

-       Trust in the transformation process that is underway and align to it at your own level as best you can

-       Think how you can put the collective needs before your personal needs eg. Stay at home or volunteer by helping the elderly and vulnerable. 

-       Identify and learn all the lessons from this crisis on a personal and collective level. Does your life need to change and adapt? Are there ways we can better organise our societies so that we are better prepared for future pandemics? Do we need to learn a new kind of solidarity at country and world level?

So, the bottom line is, changes are coming. During difficult times Astrology’s wisdom can be very helpful to see the big picture and how we can on a personal and collective level align with a new dawn.

In the meantime, stay safe and take good care of yourselves.

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