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What can Ayurveda tell us about Coronavirus?

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Viruses have been in this planet for longer than us and they will continue to exist. Trying to get rid of all viruses is a war that we will never win. We can’t kill them all completely, hence we can only learn to live with them in harmony. That’s why in Ayurveda, we focus on making sure our bodies are not hospitable places for viruses so they don’t invade us or if they do, we are strong enough to contain them. Hence, both humans and viruses can have a space and right to live in this world.

Is my body attracting the Coronavirus?

This is key to understand why some people can get infected without symptoms while others may even die. Per Ayurveda, there are 2 main risk factors why people get any sort of infection. The first one is too much heat in our body, what is called a Pitta imbalance. Excess heat makes our body a perfect habitat for all sorts of undesirable viruses and bacteria. This is actually a very logical principle. For example, a fruit is more likely to get spoiled and full of fungus and parasites in the sun rather than in the fridge. The same thing applies to our bodies. However, the concept of heat (Pitta) is much more complex than increased body temperature. The easiest way to explain it in Western scientific terms is by looking at pH levels. Generally, the more acidic our bodies, the more heat there is. Most alkaline foods are cooling per Ayurveda. Yet, in Ayurveda we don’t just prescribe an alkaline diet because we take in consideration many other factors besides heat.

The second risk factor is your own body constitution, what is called Dosha. Some people are naturally born with a stronger body constitution and hence immune system. More resistant body constitutions are likely to have a higher proportion of Kapha dosha and more vulnerable constitutions usually have a higher proportion of Vata dosha. Kapha dosha is linked to the Earth element and these people tend to be more grounded and calm even in difficult situations. Their nervous system is less active and they spend less time in the "fight-or-flight" response. This more natural state of being gives them great resilience to cope with stress and infections. Vata people are the opposite. Their bodies are linked to the Air element and they tend to get worried and anxious more easily. This can drain their bodies of energy and make them more vulnerable to infections. However, they can also recover more quickly as opposed to Kapha people who will take longer to recover. Recognising who doesn't have a strong immunity is key to prevent any infection, so we can then act and take the necessary foods to fortify our immune system and support our body.

What can we do to protect us?

In the coming days, we will be sharing some general tips so watch this space or follow us in facebook.

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