Rejuvenating, healing and relaxing

What makes Ayurvedic massages so special?

Ayurvedic massages are therapeutic in essence. They offer much more than a relaxing experience. They aim to heal us at a very deep level by releasing all the blockages that we are holding physically and also mentally. When this gets released, we feel renew and alive as we are able to reconnect to a deep part of ourselves, our true essence. This release is in some instances difficult and some patients may need to spend some time reflecting and letting go of all the negative emotions that were holding them back to finally find peace within themselves. It is only in this re-connection with our true self that we can heal. 

For this reason, we recommend receiving these type of massages after at least some preparation and an initial consultation has taken place. We need our bodies and minds to be ready this kind of treatment to get the most benefit out of it. Most of our patients would have been working with us for at least a few weeks, taking the Ayurvedic medicinal herbs and following the diet advice before they receive these therapeutic massages. 

What are Ayurvedic massages like?

All our Ayurvedic massages are done gently with medicinal Ayurvedic oils which are prescribed based on the patient's imbalance and body constitution. We use several techniques to make sure the oils penetrate into the deeper tissues of your body. Some of these techniques are called tapping, cupping, squeezing, among others. We also apply some pressure to specific key points in the body, called "marma points."  

We respect your privacy and follow the Ayurvedic tradition of massages. Hence, massages for female patients are done by female therapists and vice-versa for male patients.



2 hour full body Ayurveda massage : £95 


1 hour full body Ayurveda massage : £50

(does not include head and face) 


30-min head and face massage : £30

* For more detailed packages and offers, check our prices page

OILS USED: All Ayurvedic oils and creams used are sourced from a trusted laboratory in Sri Lanka with high standards of quality control and are guaranteed for their quality, purity and potency. All other non-medicated oils used, such as sesame oil, are organic.