"To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom" Socrates

How can astrology help in your healing? 

Image by Josh Rangel

In astrology as well as most of the ancient medical traditions, there is no division between mind and body. Hence, most illnesses have a psychological as well as physical component. Astrology was used in ancient times by Ayurvedic doctors as a therapeutic tool to get further insights into the patient's psychological state and provide tools to address any issue.

We therefore use of Astrology as a therapeutic tool. Life is a process of becoming aware of any unconscious negative patterns that we carry within ourselves or that in some cases we have inherited from our family. During our astrology consultations, we will provide specific practical advice to balance any area of our life that is triggering physical or emotional distress. The aim is to help you know yourself and your psyche so that you can make wiser choices in your lives.

In our full 3 hours astrology reading we also cover other areas of life aside from health such as relationships, work, children, family, hobbies, talents etc. We can also focus in a specific area of your life in more detail if that is what you prefer to give you additional insights. 


Astrology as a crisis-management strategy

The ultimate goal of astrology is not just to heal but to live the most fulfilling life possible - what is called "self-realisation". Astrology, provides us with tools to understand the deep messages that life sends us via all sorts of difficult situations  (illness, divorce, death of close relative, accidents, lost of job, etc). The goal is to make sense of these situations and navigate through them so that we turn a difficult situation into a positive transformational opportunity.


3 hour Complete Astrology Natal Chart Reading £120

2 hour Astrology Natal Chart Reading (Children up to 14yrs) £90

2 hour Follow-up Astrology Reading £90

* All consultations Include a copy of your birth chart and a recording of the consultation for future reference